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What It’s Like To Be A Fat Kid


all the tears.

tears even though i do not feel this video truly captures the essence of what it is TRULY like to be a fat kid… but its a start. Unless we start putting Go Pro’s on fat kids and seeing first hand the type of subtle or not so subtle abuse they experience every day, we can’t show the world the severe damage years being treated as though you as less than, causes.

Happy 3 Year Fitversary To Me!

Today is my 3 year Fitversary.... For 1,095 days I have been committed to living a fit lifestyle. 3 years ago, yesterday, I was donating blood when the nurse told me my blood pressure was getting "up there." I was pissed. I had spent the last 23 years defending the fact that i was a...
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11 Weeks Post Op

In 2 days I will be 11 weeks post op beltectomy and thigh lift after a 142lbs natural weight loss. A beltectomy is like a tummy tuck, but goes all the way around like a belt. A thigh lift is like a tummy tuck for excess skin of the thighs. I was supposed to see...
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6 Weeks Post Op Check Up

Today I had my 6 weeks post op check up. I anticipated good news because i feel great. I am moving around so much easier, I rarely feel any pain and when I do, it is isolated to that area, not just general pain or soreness any more. The swelling has definitely decreased from two...
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