Monthly Archives: March 2015

i climbed a tree!

i climbed a tree!!!!!! not that exciting? lol it is for me, because i am 26, soon to be 27, and have never done that before in my entire LIFE. My Sunday was pretty fucking awesome (yesterday). I didnt have to wake up to an alarm, i slept till like 10, like a baby. Woke up and made...
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BigGirlFitGirl- the Love Story

i was going to wait till my 6 month post op skin removal surgery doctors appointment to update, but theres just so much going on and thats freaking 2 weeks away still! So here we go :) Whats new in the life? Well, my dreams of teaching classes have finally come to fruition. I have been...
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Something fucking INSANE has just happened. BeachBody launched their "On Demand" feature. This is the coolest thing ever because my bigges issue with my beachbody programs is that i have to do them somewhere that theres a DVD player. Not the most convenient deal for those who travel a lot or like to workout outside. So what...
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