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I was a fat baby. I was a fat kid. I was a fat teen. I was a fat adult. I was fat, and comfortable with it. I came from a chunky family. It was “in my genes”. I had always been fat and was always going to be fat. When I graduated high school I was 260lbs. I was fashionable. I was smart. I was academically excelling. I had plenty of friends. The childhood teasing was over. So I accepted it. Ashley, was and would always be, a fat person.

My doctor had never sat me down and told me I was a health risk. I do remember seeing a nutritionist a few times as a kid, but it didn’t last, and no one came out and told me I was unhealthy. My mom was always big and she didn’t have diabetes or heart disease. My dad and siblings were chubby and “healthy”. I was pretty much convinced that you could be fat AND healthy. I said I would worry about my weight when I got sick. Sick to me at that time, meant being diagnosed, not just being told “being fat is unhealthy”. I dieted a few times in high school, but I didn’t really want it, so I failed every time.

Soon enough I found out my blood pressure was in the pre-hypertension range. I wasn’t about to die, and I didn’t need to go and get medication- YET. I knew it was only a matter of when I would officially be “sick”, not if. I was about to become a statistic. A stereotypical “fat and unhealthy” person. No way! Not me! A light bulb went off and I knew I had a choice. I could choose health, or I could choose disease. Whatever the outcome, it was going to be a direct result of my decision. It seemed insane to CHOOSE to be unhealthy, so my new life started the next day. I was 5’6 and 284lbs. I started slowly using SparkPeople.com. I found out how many calories I should be eating and got to counting. I got an accountability buddy (who has reached all her goals herself!). About a month later I decided to try out the INSANITY workout. I did a modified version, but I did it. I was still too embarrassed to workout publicly. Soon enough I was seeing results and my confidence grew. I was finally brave enough to workout in public. I started walking, kayaking, jogging in the middle of the night. I Zumba’d, I yoga’d, I bought a mini trampoline to bounce on while watching TV, I did a second round of Insanity, I did p90x3, and finally, I started running.

In 2012 I started my original blog to share my story. In my blog I shared some of my most embarrassing and darkest habits and secrets as well as my biggest triumphs and successes. Initially I was just doing it for me, to let out how I was feeling about this whole process, but eventually people started reading it. It was reassuring for my readers to know that they weren’t alone in their struggles, and if I can do it- they certainly can. This was the catalyst to BigGirlFitGirl.com! I will continue blogging here.

Three years later I am maintaining 50% of my starting weight. I’m experiencing life from a body that’s shurunk 7 FEET in inches. I have ran countless 5ks, obstacle course races, and I even placed 3rd in age group in a 10k! I’ve run two half marathons and in September 2014 I became a marathoner! I’m also a Spartan racer! All things I never even dreamed possible for me! I became a fitness coach so I can motivate others to lose weight and take on healthier habits. I am now a weight loss coach who helps people who were in my shoes, do what I did! The only thing that makes me feel better than losing the weight myself is honestly, inspiring others to do the same. I remember saying out loud “I don’t even think it’s possible to lose over 100lbs on my own.” When I was about 18. Now I had done just that! I became proof ANYTHING is possible, for me or for you.



starting weight: 284
lowest weight: 141.6
starting bust: 42DD
current bust: 36A
starting neck: 15.5″
current neck: 12″
starting waist:46″
current waist: 29″
starting belly/hips:56.5
current belly/hips: 35″
starting thigh: 32″
current thigh: 21.5″
starting calf: 20″
current calf: 14.5″
starting arm: 18.5″
current arm: 11.5″
starting BMI: 45.8 (extremely obese)
current BMI: 22.9 (normal weight)
starting blood pressure: 128/84
current blood pressure: 103/64
starting HGB: 12.9
current HGB: 14.4

total pounds lost: 142.4
total inches lost: 88″

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