Apparently I Needed A Personal Trainer…

I just finished my 4th personal training session and I feel like I can’t decide if I feel so good i want to run a mile, or so exhausted i need a nap lol

I had no intentions of getting a personal trainer. I was in a fitness funk for the past year, struggling to be consistent and not let my emotions make decisions and excuses for me. But getting a trainer hadn’t even crossed my mind. I don’t normally work with a trainer. I visited one weekly for about 3-5 months, almost 5 years ago, right around the time I hit the 80lbs lost mark. She taught me so much about proper form and introduced me to foam rolling. She also was one of the most encouraging forces behind my transition to veganism. I had a great experience with her, but after a while I started working out on my own again and with the exception of my ex, who happened to be a trainer, I haven’t worked with one since.

and then a couple weeks ago YouFit gave me an opportunity to work with one of their trainers for a couple weeks. I’ve been a member there for years and I have a great relationship with them and this offer couldn’t have come at a better time.

Last Monday I started working out with my new trainer, Jaimes. This was the day I weighed in at 201lbs and got the reality check I didn’t even know I needed. I’ve never had to weigh in in front of someone before, besides when I did Weight Watchers in high school and of course at doctors appointments. I have used the internet to hold myself accountable for the bulk of my transformation, but I honestly have picked and chose when I shared my weight this past year or two. Still, I didn’t expect to feel momentarily mortified by my weigh in. I was surprised personally, I knew I’d gained weight but not that much. But also, this person doesn’t know me and I don’t feel like that weight was an accurate representation of what I really made of. More so, it’s the representation of my current struggle. I don’t want my body to represent my struggles, but rather, my strengths. Talk about motivation! 

After I weighed in, we got to work and I was super impressed with the way Jaimes trains. It’s not that I didn’t think YouFit had great trainers, it’s just that I go to the gym around the same time in the late morning/early afternoon everyday. My gym is pretty diverse but in this time frame, there are a lot of senior citizens. I see the trainers working with them and although I know the client is getting a good workout, I also know that workout wouldn’t even make me break a sweat (and it doesn’t take much to make me sweat lol) What I now realize is these trainers are really good at tailoring the workouts to fit the client’s specific needs. We’ve had 4 sessions and every single time I feel like it’s my first day working out and i might die (in a good way.) We haven’t done anything twice yet and the time goes by sooooooooo fast. I am learning creative exercises (today we worked out in the parking lot!) that I catch myself trying again on our off days, because they’re different and fun and I want to get great at them.

I didn’t really feel like I needed a trainer because 5.5 years in, I know how to exercise. What I am realizing though, is even if you know how to exercise, it’s really hard to push yourself the way someone else will. I am not a quitter, I absolutely feel like I push hard. But when I am working out alone and the set starts to burn after 8 reps its real easy to say “ok, I’ll do 10.” That’s not how it works with a trainer. Jaimes doesn’t care if I feel the burn after 8 reps. He’ll let me catch my breath for a second, but if he said 12, I’m gonna do 12! And on the rare occasion where I kill the 12 and he can tell I could keep going- he keeps counting lmao It feels weird to say, because I really didn’t feel like I slack on my own, but I definitely push harder with a trainer. It also helps to have someone watching me because I can’t always work out in front of a mirror. My trainer corrects my form when it’s not right, and if it’s something where he has to physically assist, he is a professional unlike the trainers I call out in this video.

It’s been 12 days since my first workout with Jaimes and today I weighed in 6.6lbs lighter than day 1! Monday will make 2 full weeks, so I will probably weigh in again then and share it on instagram. (I like to weigh in on Mondays because it helps me to not make bad decisions over the weekend.) 

This experience has been super eye opening to me. A few weeks before I was offered the sessions I was actually asked if I am a personal trainer or just certified in group exercise. I explained that I only have a group certification and I don’t really have the desire to be a “trainer” in a gym. But my mind is kinda working a little differently now. I offer virtual one on one sessions for meal planning,  goal setting, and lifestyle change transitioning, but it might be kinda cool to be able to offer one on ones in the gym, too. One of the old managers of my gym used to always jokingly ask when I was going to start training for them and I never took it seriously. Now I kind of am! Will I be an official personal trainer some day, after all? Only time will tell, but the seed has definitely been planted!