I Ran The Happiest 5k on the Planet!

Today was the day I have spent the last month counting down to- the Color Run!!! It was my second time running this 5k and I was not disappointed!

The race started at Huizenga Park in Fort Lauderdale and went around the Los Olas neighborhood, finishing with the beautiful paved path along the river. I got there a little later than expected so I had missed the warm up YouFit’s group exercise instructors taught, but I headed over to their tent for a warm up of my own, anyhow!

They had several bikes set up that you could spin on and your efforts would help store energy in the generator! You know I am all about the fact that they’re a green gym so this obviously. Add me happy! After my muscle loosened up, I gave the prize wheel a spin and won a pair of lime green YouFit sunglasses- perfect to keep the colored powder out of my eyes!

The first wave of participants started at 7:30, followed by a new wave every 10 minutes. While in the corral they had an MC encouraging us to jump and “do the wave” while he tossed prizes into the group. I knew this race was a “fun run” opposed to something you sign up for to compete or break records, but I forgot that this isn’t even a timed race. There is no time chip on your race bib and there is no clock ticking by the finish line. You can time yourself with an app or fitness tracking device but that’s just not what this race is about. Once just after mile 2, a cop actually had the racers stop for a moment to let some cars by. People would’ve lost their minds about losing that 20 seconds at most 5ks. Not this one! It truly is good vibes only.

During the just over 3 mile run, there were color stations where volunteers spray you with colored chalk as you run by. There were purple, pink, green and yellow color stations and just before the finish line, a huge pit of blue colored foam. I accidentally got some in my mouth and to my surprise it tasted like blue raspberry- with a little hint of soap!

After crossing the finish I was handed my awesome unicorn medal as well as a packet of colorful powder to toss in the air in the festival area. All of their sponsors had tents set up with tons of samples of snacks and drinks, plus YouFit was even offering a free week pass (you can download a free day pass on their website, anytime.) I stayed to enjoy the festival for a while and headed home for clean up.

I definitely have to note that I believe they changed the formula of the powder since the last time I did a color run. This powder came off my body much easier than I remember and I am hoping it does the same with my clothes. The Color Run does offer these helpful tips for getting cleaned up, if you find yourself struggling though.

It’s only 10am and I’ve already completed a 5k, did a little spinning & attended a unicorn dance party! Talk about a great way to start the day and weekend!

Ps: I was able to switch my Spartan Race to tomorrow so I can run with a team vs by myself! Check back for another update about the Miami Spartan Race, later this week! #aroo