How Big Girls Get Fit goes #1!

i finally published my first ebook!! How Big Girls Get Fit!

in the last few months i compiled some of the advice i give constantly, in response to the most popular questions i get, into an eBook! I stalled on releasing it for a while because i knew i was going to think of more shit i wanted to put in it. I thought i finally had it, just in time for the new year! And it was released last Tuesday, December 30. Of course, since then I have thought of a few things i wish i had included. go figure. the good news is i CAN update it and re-release it. what i am trying to figure out is if it will automatically update in the libraries of the people who have already bought it or will they have to repurchase for a new version? if thats the case I will offer it at a super discount at first because thats just silly. i’ll figure it out soon though!

i was really nervous because I sometimes do not think i have the authority to speak on the matter because i am not a doctor and i am not a nutritionist (yet, in an online course for nutrition counseling now!)but i decided well fuck this, most doctors havent DONE it, so how can they really speak on the matter better? Because of my insecurity, I feared bad reviews or even worse, no sales or reviews. I figured at least a few friends and family would purchase in support of me, but i thought my hope it would sell was a little far fetched. after all, it was just an ebook and it was my first one.

well i was pleasantly freaking surprised! My ebook is #4109 in the kindle store right now. that may seem like a big number, but when you consider how many people in the entire world have an ebook for sale right now, that’s really not too bad! the cooooooooolest part is that right now How Big Girls Get Fit is #4 in the Hot New Releases for Women’s Health on and it’s #1 in Health, Fitness, & Dieting Short Reads!

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Thank you to everyone who had bought it, and thank you double to everyone who has bought and reviewed it! You have no idea idea how good it feels to hear that people feel inspired and like they’r ready to get started or they’ve gotten some good advice.

the ebook is sold exclusively on amazon and kindle right now. You can purchase it on a kindle very easily, but if you don’t have one you can buy it at in the kindle store and then read it from the kindle app on any device.

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