I ordered yoga pants from one of those websites in China…

and they were freaking awesome!!

i see a lot of posts about how horrible the items people get from the cheap clothing scam happening over in China. Basically, they steal images from people or stores on the internet, make a cheap mock version, sell it to us materialistic americans, and often times people end up with a hot mess. Most of the time I hear about the items being WAYYYYYYY small and cheap crappy materials. the items take about a month to come in and they usually offer returns if you pay for shipping- which is about 6x the amount you paid for the actual item. so youre stuck with it.

so why are people still ordering? because its SO CHEAP and most of us cannot pass up a good deal. For many of us, it releases the same endorphins a piece of cake or a workout would. seriously. have you seen extreme couponers?!

before i get into my experience, you should know the dude who owns these companies is a millionaire. the same guy is behind most of them (google that ish) and its pretty likely the people sewing these clothes are making slave labor wages. some of the reviews for some items report a weird smell which is very concerning. i am not saying this is the best or safest place to shop… but just like me- who KNOWS THIS- i still couldnt not give see what it was for myself. and thats how i ended up with cheshire cat pants.

they are a medium (says the tag). they actually fit. they are not compression pants, theyre tight but the fabric isnt high enough quality to actually compress anything. but they didnt roll down and they werent see through. i not only bent over infront of a lady in the locker room and asked but i also videotaped myself squatting in bright light and you coudlnt see my ass crack.

so if even after hearing the negatives you still feel like you NEED these pants…. you can get them HERE.