Road To Success With U.S Women’s Soccer Team

The U.S. women’s national soccer team won an Olympic Gold Medal in 2012 and were crowned world champions in 2015, yet this year they have won one of their hardest battles: equal pay. Think Progress reported that their persistence paid off and this April they were given a new deal that improves their pay. To honor the hard work done by the soccer team off the pitch, we look at how they became successful on the pitch.
To get into World Cup winning shape the team had to work hard both on their training and diet. In an interview with InStyle Alex Morgan, Carli Lloyd, and Christen Press were asked how they dealt with the pressure of staying fit. Press told the site that she dealt with pressure by practicing mindfulness. This is a great way to keep yourself motivated through meditation. Often the pressures of life build up and we find ourselves running out of time and don’t take a step back and take stock. Mindfulness allows a person to focus on their goals.

Diet is vital to getting into shape. What you eat is as important as what you don’t eat. U.S. captain Becky Sauerbrunn informed Women’s Health that she always has mix of foods ready: “I always make sure I have three things: liquids, complex carbohydrates, and lean proteins.” However, she doesn’t let her strict diet get in the way of the more tasty foods and admitted that she loves limeade. Sauerbrunn led the U.S. to their World Cup victory in 2015. In the semi-finals she masterminded a victory against Germany, who according to soccer expert Michael Lintorn who has been writing for soccer analysis site Betfair for several years, were the favorites to win the tournament. Sauerbrunn’s mixed diet has helped her achieve success not only at the World Cup but also throughout her career.

According to U.S. striker Amy Rodriguez “time management, discipline and attitude” are the three important components of her preparation. In a feature article published by Success she stated that talent can only get you so far and that to be the best involves taking that extra step. She cites the example of when she gave birth to her son Ryan in 2013 and then had to fight to regain her place in the national team. After many disappointments she fought her way back into the team and became an important member of the 2015 World Cup wining squad.

What Rodriguez shows is that with hard work and determination you can still succeed. We all have career and fitness setbacks in life but we can overcome these by setting a goal for ourselves and following it through.

Hopefully the U.S. soccer team has inspired you to achieve your fitness goals. No matter where you are or what you want to achieve it can all be done through hard work and discipline. You may not be a world champion but you will definitely be a champion in your own right.