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How Big Girls Get Fit
A short “no nonsense” beginner’s tip book for getting started with weight loss. Don’t have a kindle? Download the free Kindle App to any device and read it there!

90 Day Workout Diary
Need workout ideas for the gym that include fat burning cardio and muscle building weights? Ashley kept a diary of her routine for 90 days! This eBook includes the exercise diary and demo videos of each exercise.

Retreat & Group Workouts

LIVE.LOVE.HEALTHY Small Group Retreat
Enjoy a long weekend in Miami at a 10-15 person, women’s only, wellness retreat! Now Booking: March 23-26, 2017.

BigGirl BootCamp
A group workout for all fitness levels, generally held on Hollywood Beach! Check our Facebook page for traveling locations!

One On One Sessions

Meet with Ashley over Skype, FaceTime, or phone to make a plan to reach your fitness goals, do a home workout together, and more!

Motivation Games

Diet Bet
Get paid to lose weight! No sales or recruiting required, it only depends on whether or not you reach your weight loss goals! Talk about some extra motivation!

Step Bet
Similar to a DietBet, in a StepBet players bet that they can reach steps goals and those who do, split the pot! Steps are counted by syncing the fitness tracker you already use! Click to check for an upcoming game!


3 Day Refresh
Want to start or revamp your fitness journey with a gentle full body cleanse? We’ve got you covered!

Body Analyzer
This analyzer measures your total weight as well as how much of your body is fat, muscle, bone & water weight! Normally $125, use code SCALEGOALS and it’s yours for $50!