Rose Pizza Rolls

I saw a video circulating facebook in the spirit of valentines day where someone made pizza rolls with pepperonis and they looked just like roses! the recipe wasnt vegan, but it stuck with me and I decided to try them out for the holiday!

I tried to spread some sauce on the dough for the first few, the pepperoni slid around while i was rolling them; it was much neater without sauce. I decided to not bake them with sauce and instead to serve with dipping sauce on the side. I also decided not to use cheese, even though there are lots of vegan cheeses available. However, you could totally sprinkle some over the dough before placing the pepperoni.

This isnt a clean recipe or one I would recommend as a staple in anyone’s diet. I used ready made dough (most are “accidentally vegan) but there is the option of making your own whole wheat or healthier dough of your choice and just rolling it out as close to square shape as you can. I counted it as a treat meal. However, if you only ate a rose or two and had it with a fresh big salad that would totally be fair moderation.


1 package pre made pizza crust dough
1 package Yves vegan pepperoni
1/2 cup tomato sauce for dipping
1 cupcake or mini cupcake tin


Preheat over to 425 and spray your cupcake pan with cooking or oil spray. Roll out dough and cut into 1″-1.5″ slices. I was using a mini cupcake tin so i also cut the sheet of dough down the middle so the rolls wouldnt be too thick to fit. If you’re using a full size tin, you may want to cut your slices up to 2″ thick.

One at a time, place pepperonis evenly across the top of each strip, making sure to leave a little bit of uncovered dough on the end so you can stick it closed. Carefully fold in one end of the dough strips and slowly roll them up. Place in cupcake tin and repeat.

If you apply a thin coating of oil on the dough, itll bake with a more golden color, i skipped the oil, but its an option. Bake for 12 minutes and allow to cool for a few minutes before trying to get them out of the tin. If you rolled them a little unevenly, you may need to cut the bottom of a few in order to help them stand up straight. No matter how crooked they are, they’ll still taste great. I served with pizza sauce for dipping and a kale leaf garnish!

 photo 1AA13328-7A0C-411F-8208-D454625EFCAD_zpsuz733i4x.jpg

 photo C5ADA5D9-8F1F-4324-8FA6-CD49904DA725_zpstxcalblx.jpg

 photo 876EDE2C-7100-41E7-B796-57D7089D5E93_zps6xvisbwi.jpg

 photo BD7F761E-B490-43F9-966C-4F0D0096C33F_zpsdpac58zy.jpg

 photo 6F4B04B1-85C9-4E38-A55D-954546D2CA47_zpssf09rwwb.jpg