Veggie Quesadilla & Lazy Man’s Guac



2 6″ corn tortillas
1/4 cup Daiya cheese (or cheese alternative of your choice)
1 small sweet pepper
1 slice red onion
1 mushroom

Lazy Man’s Guac

1/2 avaocado
1/4 cup salsa
juice of 1 lime


dice veggies and cook in a frying pan with olive oil cooking spray on medium heat.In the meantime combine salsa, avocado, and lime juice, store in fridge.
place a tortilla in a small frying pan. top with half of the cheese. Add vegetables and spread out evenly. Sprinkle remaining cheese on top and place second tortilla on top. Cook on medium. When cheese is mostly melted, press down on top with a spatula to make it stick together, and carefully flip. Cook until both sides are golden or slightly browned. cut with a pizza cutter and enjoy with guacamole.