Cashew Cheese Zucchini Lasagna


1/4 cup ricotta style cashew cheese
1 zucchini
1/2 cup 10 minute tomato sauce


Slice zucchini into thin, length wise strips, aiming for the thickness of lasagna pasta. A veggie slicer like this will make it much easier. Steam or lightly saute zucchini in a frying pan with coconut or extra virgin olive oil.

I choose to assemble a single serving on the plate because zucchini lasagna slides apart very easily, so cutting and serving a large one can get really messy. I also opted not to bake because the cashew cheese has the most nutrients when it’s raw, so there’s no need to assemble on a pan.

Line up two zucchini slices side by side and cover with cheese and sauce. Add another layer, with zucchini now going in the opposite direction, kind of line jenga. You may have to trim the pieces to fit. Repeat the pattern of zucchini, cheese, sauce, until the final layer of zucchini, and top that with just sauce.

Optional: You could assemble on a pan and bake for a few minutes to warm up the cheese, although the warmth from the other ingredients make it warm, especially if the cashew cheese is room temperature. This is a great dish to sprinkle with nutritional yeast, a Parmesan cheese-like vitamin source.

Variation: Try our other recipe for a more traditional lasagna!

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